I have been cooperating with this company for two years. Since then, I have not had a single complaint against it. Although I am more professional than a beginner, I regularly read materials that are published in the educational center.

LimeFX Review: All About The Brokerage

To gain a more balanced view, let us check out some negative assessments on LimeFX. Negative reviews are written by unsatisfied clients. These are written significantly more often than positive ones because negative emotions are expressed much more often. Looking at reviews lodged for or against a broker is an excellent method to get the complete picture of a broker’s service. Such long-term work speaks volumes about the level of trust traders can put in LimeFX.

The Conclusion: LimeFX Scam? Most Definitely Not!

Otherwise, perhaps you should just wait until more trading opportunities become available, as it’s better than getting scammed. LimeFX is a Russian brokerage that provides trading and investing services on a range of CFDs. As its name implies, the broker focuses on giving traders forex trading opportunities. We couldn’t find the broker’s exact address, although it is located in Russia, with its primary language also being Russian. And while that does cut off a significant portion of the possible customer base, it increases the accessibility in Russian-speaking areas.

LimeFX Customer Reviews

Traders should analyze their mistakes if blunders are committed so as not to fall into them again. Thanks to the many financial instruments limefx makes available, traders can become more flexible. Traders can create brilliant strategies while correcting their actions should the need arise. LimeFX is an underwhelming broker, even when you take into account that it targets a specific trader group. Since its potential customers likely have limited choices, the broker didn’t put as much effort into its service.

LimeFX Review & user ratings

  1. But while the deposit doesn’t pose much of a difference, the lack of any information does.
  2. With consideration to the range of trading assets and trading accounts, the firm is made attractive to both seasoned and novice traders alike.
  3. Traders have nothing to blame for failed trades but themselves.
  4. It is recommendable not to collaborate with such intermediaries.

LimeFX shows us that it’s able to provide traders what they want but that it’s unwilling to put any effort. It’s clear that the broker is targeting traders with extremely limited online broker choices. For starters, the broker loses some points for the way it set up its website.

Traders can trade without any emotions by relying only on their logic. This is a very important skill to have when trading because psychological factors are 60% of the entire formula for success in trading. I’m a little annoyed that this company does not withdraw money immediately, but after a while. However, there is nothing to be done about it because they check applications for compliance with the rules of use.

The Demo Account is conducive to studying trades and assets. Through a Demo Account, traders can improve their skills without having to risk anything. Novice traders are at an advantage here as it allows them to test their strategies and train their trading skills. Newbies to LimeFX are advised to trade via a test account as it protects them from various issues moving forward.

Silver accounts allow traders to get money faster. These accounts also provide a professional analyst. The Demo Account is another terminal wherein traders can practice their skills, albeit not as comprehensive as the Investor Simulator. Traders receive a certain amount https://forexhero.info/ through their virtual accounts. Through manipulation of such, traders can master their skills alongside trading strategies without risking their real money. Traders wanting to study trading while earning real money can master their skills without any real risks.

LimeFX Forex broker saw inception back in 2008 by a group of enthusiasts specializing in automated trading systems (otherwise known as trading robots). Among the standout offers made by LimeFX is its offer to trade Binary Options, deemed a great way to profit fast albeit risky. Beginners are thus warned from delving into Binary Options.

Traders presuppose the direction of the price movement of a certain asset like stocks, currency, cryptocurrency, and the like. If the predictions are correct, the trader gets a certain part of the investments (about 70-80%). If the traders lose, then it is a permanent loss. This company not only proposes traders to trade Forex assets. Traders may opt to become Binary Options traders. Financial instruments of the sort are riskier, and if the trader is a beginner, it is advised that he does not delve into the asset.

LimeFX’s security was pretty difficult to judge due to numerous reasons. First, it’s a broker that targets the Russian-speaking area, meaning most impressions are in Russian. Second, it’s pretty obscure, meaning there aren’t a lot of reference points we could use.

Many people say that brokers trade directly with clients as grounds for saying why Forex is a scam. Indeed, such is characteristic of dishonest companies, but STP brokers do not trade with clients. As the matter stands, there are no conflicts of interest present. LimeFX is thus one reliable broker to make trades through as it makes use of STP technology. So when naysayers have their fill of baseless arguments, tell them of the STP technology.

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